Easter Party Appeal

Fig Tree Easter Party Appeal 2017

Help build community spirit in Sierra Leone

As a business donate $100 to support a Easter party in Sierra Leone and help those suffering from disease and poverty to come together as a community.

Since, September 2015 we have been supporting orphaned and vulnerable children and youths in Sierra Leone. The effects of recent outbreaks of Ebola have disrupted and shattered the lives of those living in Sierra Leone.

The Fig Tree Children is a Brisbane based charity set up to raise awareness and funding to support programs in Sierra Leone aimed to help orphaned and vulnerable Children and youths.

Easter in Sierra Leone

Easter is an important and valued tradition in the Sierra Leone community. It provides an opportunity for individuals to come together and participate in celebrations less as friends and more like family.

African Easter traditions focus on singing, dancing, and eating good, nourishing food. It’s also an opportunity for children to wear a new outfit and show it off to the community.

Many of The Fig tree Children live in different regions and don’t get together unless a celebration like this is organised. The last party that was organised for these children was Christmas 2015, it was a huge success! We provided approximately 100 children with a new outfit, food, drinks and music and also transport to and from the venue. They had such a good time, we want to do it again. Hence, an Easter party 2017 .

The party will be for the 52 children already sponsored and approximately another 50 who are on a waiting list to be sponsored. Many of these children have siblings so they will be invited too, as will their carers and the in-country volunteers for The Fig Tree Children.

Bringing these people together in one place in itself is special. Their is a comradeship and a pride in being a member of The Fig Tree Family. It’s an opportunity for them all to see one another again, share stories, make new friends and it’s an opportunity for them to feel part of something.

The funds we raise will buy the children an outfit each, pay for a venue, provide food (usually rice with cassava and chicken), soft drinks and a music system.


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The Easter surprisers!

Add your businesses to our list of Easter party appeal sponsors.

Please consider a one-off donation of $100. Your generosity will give the Fig Tree Children an Easter experience they will NEVER forget.

Thank you,

Jane Shakespeare

Founder of TheFigTreeChildren.org

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