Thank you to Zonta International

A big thank you to Zonta Brisbane Metro Breakfast Club for their generous donation to The fig Tree Children who, in partnership with EcoPads Australia are helping to set up a sewing school at Anerdan School in Allentown, Sierra Leone. The first item the girls will be learning to make are Re-usable Sanitary Pads. In Sierra Leone, girls miss up to 12 weeks a year because of their periods. With the help from Freeda Thong at EcoPads Australia we will be providing Anerdan School with instructions and materials to make their own re-usable ones. We’ll keep you updated more once the project is underway.

An informal assessment

The Healey International Relief Foundation (HIRF) has been aiding in relief activities in Sierra Leone since 2005. The main projects supported through the Foundation include St. Mary’s Children’s Home, Fatima House of Light, St. Stephen’s Home for Amputees, Serabu Hospital and the National Health Organisation. Megan Smith (see photograph) works for HIRF as their Program Manager. Megan is very passionate about wanting to help underprivileged children and offered to do an assessment of The Fig Tree Children Foundation during a visit to Sierra Leone she took in December 2015. She was visiting as part of HIRF’s program to monitor and provide medical supplies to hospitals there. Here is Megan’s letter to me (unedited) of […]

Children under Afewy

This is Macy, she is 8 years old and an orphan under Afewy. Macy is from Liberia and was abandoned by her grandfather to Afewy in 2009 when she was only 2 years old. Her Liberian documents are with Afewy who now provide for her. She lives with other children also supported by Afewy. Who is Afewy? Afewy (The Anerdan Foundation for the Empowerment of Women and Youths) is a community-based organization (CBO) founded by Michael Bangura in Allen Town and seeks to raise awareness about the social status of women and youths in society. Afewy also owns the Anerdan school where a few of The Fig Tree Children attend. These children are either orphaned or vulnerable and […]

A message from Fr. Peter

On the first Sunday of each month we get all the children together who have been placed with families in Freetown and discuss with them the experiences they are having with the families they have been placed with. This month we got together in Allen Town. The kids were happy to share their experiences and engaged themselves constructively. The main aim of the exercise was to bring the children together and spend some precious time together. In the midst of the Ebola Crisis, the children are being taught how to prevent themselves from ebola and are all given the necessities needed to protect themselves. We join hands and send you all best wishes for 2015. Fr. Peter

The President of Sierra Leone visits St. Mary’s

President Koroma, the President of Sierra Leone visits St. Mary's On the 28th November, 2014 the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone Ernest Bai Koroma visited us in Bo purposely to see the EBOLA survivors that had come to us from the treatment centre. The president gives a talk to the EBOLA survivors on his visit to Bo and brings with him his entourage. In his speech, he states that his government will do their best to support survivors. The Minister of Social Welfare also gives a speech about his own development with EBOLA indeed his ministry is doing well. During President Koroma's visit a few donor agencies used this opportunity to present some items to [...]

An update on the Ebola crisis from Fr. Peter

From Fr. Peter Reverend Fr. Peter Konteh's lives in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone. He travels around his country and these are his words to the ebola situation which is further damaging his beautiful country: It's really busy out here and It's also very scary looking at the current situation regarding the Ebola response. As you know some of the children are being placed with families since school is not functional owing to the unfortunate circumstances in the country. "November has turned out to be the most brutal month since the outbreak of this epidemic! As of today, it accounts for a staggering 1869 new infections, about 1/3 of the total [...]

A prayer to stop ebola

Our children pray constantly to end the ebola crisis which keeps them from being together.

Meet Samuel, new to the home

  Meet Samuel seen here sitting on Bintu’s lap, Bintu is one of the MSF staff who brought Samuel to the home. Bintu is one of the first surviving EBOLA patients in Bo district, she is presently working with MSF at the treatment center. This was her first visit to see how Samuel is coping and settling in to the home, she was really impressed.     Samuel has been very much welcomed to the home by the other children. Ahmed, seen here at the left of the photo with Samuel in the middle and little Peter on the Right. At the moment Samuel is very Malnourished, but the staff are doing what they can to help little […]

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