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The Value of Rice

Today, a 50kg bag of rice in Sierra Leone costs 180,000 Leones ($60 AUD)

The cost of a bag of rice is equivalent to 75% of the average person’s monthly income in Sierra Leone.

Rice is the staple food in Sierra Leone.
One bag will feed a family of four for the month.

Donate $60 and purchase a 50kg bag of rice

Cost to feed one child

The cost to feed one child in Sierra Leone each month is 112,000 Leones ($26 AUD)

Malnutrition in Sierra Leone is one of the highest in the world.
46 percent of child deaths in Sierra Leone are attributed to malnutrition.

Donate $26 to feed 1 child this month

1 year Schooling

Help send a child to school for the year by donating $240 AUD today.

A one off donation of $240 AUD will pay for one secondary school child to go to school for the year.

Donate $240 and send a child to school this year

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