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We believe every child deserves to feel safe, be loved and have access to basic healthcare and education. Education is key to bringing Sierra Leone out of poverty. AUD$48, £30 or USD$38 per month will help feed, cloth, house and help provide the child with medical support and an education.

Learn the stories of our children who already have a sponsor, marked with a  and see those who are waiting for a sponsor, marked with a ♥. 

Not everyone can afford to sponsor a child, all contributions of any size will help us with our programs to care for children. Donations and fund raising events are what allows a sponsor’s money to go directly to benefit the child they sponsor.

To sponsor a child please go to our donation form and make sure you select recurring monthly payment and let us know the child you would like to sponsor in the comments box. We understand choosing one child over another is difficult (we too would sponsor them all if we could), so if you would like to leave the choosing up to us then just type ‘please choose for me’ in the comments box. Thank you

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16 year old Joseph lost his father when he was a young boy. Him and his sister, Cecilia, grew up in St. Mary’s Children’s Home. Now he has reached 16, he’s having to find his own way in the world. He wants to finish his schooling and learn a skill so he can get a job. He has an older brother who ‘surfs’ in the village. To ‘surf’ means to do odd jobs to get by. Though, he can’t afford to pay Joseph’s school fees, but wants to help him if he can.
Thank you for sponsoring Joseph Cass, he is able to continue his schooling because of you, the allowance will help his brother provide for him while Joseph completes his studies 

7 year old Sinnah and Alusine are twins. They were abandoned at birth by their 16 year old mother and left with their grandmother to look after them. The grandmother can’t afford to pay school fees for the children and has a young girl living with her who helps look after them. Providing food and clothing is difficult. Thank you Ann and Wayne for sponsoring Sinnah and Alusine, they are both able to continue their schooling and we can now help their grandmother out a little because of you, it’s wonderful 

7 year old Alimamy’s father, a skillful mason, fell from the second floor of a building where he was doing plastering work. It was a serious accident, leaving him with a broken back and unable to work. Until this day, he was the boy’s soul carer, having lost his wife when she died giving birth to Alimamy, she bled to death.

Alimamy also has an older brother, Alhaji, see aside. Thank you Megan from Lume Marketing for sponsoring these boys 

13 year old Alhaji’s father, a skillful mason, fell from the second floor of a building where he was doing plastering work. It was a serious accident, leaving him with a broken back and unable to work. Until this day, he was the boy’s soul carer, having lost his wife when she died giving birth to Alimamy, Alhaji’s younger brother, see aside, she bled to death.

Thank you Megan from Lume Marketing for sponsoring these boys 

Abie and Zainab are sisters. Abie is the oldest. The father of these two girls lost his life during the Ebola period. Their mother, a fish monger doesn’t earn enough to send her daughters to school and struggles to provide for them and meet their daily needs. Thank you Rachel for sponsoring Abie, she’s thrilled she can continue her schooling

We now have a sponsor for Zainab too, thank you Louise 

6 year old Paul is the youngest son of Rosaline and Abdul. He also has an older brother called Peter. Paul’s family are victims of the recent mud slide which happened in Freetown. Paul’s father was working in Regent where the mudslide occured the day the tragic incident occured. He was working for a security agency, but he hasn’t been seen since that day. Paul’s mother can’t afford to pay school fees for both children so only Peter, being the older goes to school. Feeding her family is also a struggle.
Thank you Caroline for sponsoring Paul, he is able to continue his schooling and we can now help this small family out a little because of you, it’s wonderful 

Humu is 9 years old. She is from the Fullah Tribe in Guinea where it is widely known to discriminate against girls in terms of education. Humu has been brought to Freetown, Sierra Leone by her aunt, Humu’s parents are both dead. She has never been to school because her deceased parents believed education wasn’t important for girls. Humu is very keen to go to school, she is quick to learn the local broken English lingual Franca (Krio) and interacts well. She is often seen moving around the campus of the Anerdan school admiring children her age who go to school. Being in Sierra Leone has given Humu a desire to be like other children who go to school there. This is a perfect example of how the cycle of poverty can be broken through education. Thank you Desley for choosing to sponsor Humu, she’s over the moon she can now go to school 

Amidu is 13 years old and the son of a handicapped man. Amidu has just passed the National Primary School Exams but his father can’t afford to continue with his education. His disability makes it difficult for him to find work. He has 2 daughters, aged 6 and 10 who are also not going to school, he makes money by begging but averages less than half a US dollar a day. Amidu will soon join him in begging on the the street if no one can help him with his school fees.
Thank you Rebecca for offering to sponsor Amidu, you will not only be helping him but also his family, it’s wonderful 

Safiatu is 3 years old. Her mum died when Safiatu was just 3 months old. Her mum’s younger sister was taking care of her but she also died on 22nd December 2016. She is now being cared for by her grandma who is financially struggling to look after her and also won’t be able to afford to send her to school. Safiatu has now joined the Lume Marketing family and is being sponsored, this means Safiatu can stay with her grandma and will go to school 

Musu is 13 years old. She was forced into marriage at the age of 12 to a section chief. The marriage has now broken down and the young girl wants to return to school but has no support. Thank you Laura for sponsoring Musu, because of you Musu will now be able to continue her education 

Meet Senesie, he is the young son of a blind Beggar. Senesie’s mother died in a car accident as she was crossing the road, his father is unable to give Senesie the care and support he needs so Senesie is now being cared for by a retired teacher. Because we now have a sponsor for Senesie, Loan, we are able to help Senesie’s carer care for Senesie and make sure he gets the education he deserves. Thank you Loan 

Hamid is 9 years old and lives with a truck driver, his foster parent, who took responsibility of Hamid after his mother ran away. She ran away because she wasn’t able to repay a micro credit loan of Le 500,000 she took out to purchase used clothing to sell. The business collapsed after two months and the loan collectors threatened this poor woman with police and court actions. This frightened her enough to run away at night and give Hamid to her next door neighbour who was married to the truck driver. This woman died in child birth recently and now the truck driver is a sole parent to Hamid and two children of his own. Hamid’s mother cannot be traced. This story is one of many cases rural woman suffer in managing microcredit loans, many have ended up running away because the conditions are very tight. Thank you Rick, because of you, Hamid will be able to go to school and his carer and this small family will be helped 

Mariatu is from a large family where all the children except her go to school. She spends her days doing domestic chores. The reason behind this is that she was brought from the village with promises of  education. But the aunt with whom she lives did not keep her promise and instead she uses Mariatu to work for her own children. We want to help Mariatu, she is desperate to attend school, and normally sits among the other children in the evening when they do their homework. Our founder, Jane sponsors Mariatu 

Lawrence is 9 years of age. His parents who are peasant farmers can’t afford to send their children to school. Lawrence was brought to Bassa Town by his uncle to find help for Lawrence who is maltreated on a daily basis being taunted that his parents are witches, and that their hardship is due to their habitual witchcraft. He suffers much discrimination and spends his days just playing around. Thanks Scott & Erinna, Lawrence will be given the chance for a better future and will be able to go to school because of you 

Mohammed is 4 years old and lives with his grandmother, Aunty Sia, who cooks for a living. They live with three other children who go to school but Mohammed’s grandmother cannot afford schooling for all the children under her care, so Mohammed is left roaming about daily in the community. Food is a big problem for this family, and they live in a single room in a mud house that is partially broken. This harmattan season is very cold and Mohammed is poorly clothed, exposed not only to the elements but also to many diseases as he picks around in the dirt. Thank you Isobelle, by sponsoring Mohammed, you are helping to feed, clothe and enable him to go to school 

Umaru and Abubakarr are twins. They were abandoned by their mother in Northern Sierra Leone. The lady who took them in lost her job as a primary school teacher and does not have any other means of taking care of Umaru and Abubakarr. In rural Sierra Leone twins are associated with witchcraft so very few people want to help Umaru and Abubakarr. Thank you Marc and Mel for offering to sponsor these boys, they will be able to go to school because of you 

Mariatu is 5 years old. Her mother leaves her alone each day to go out with men for money but this isn’t enough to afford better food let alone schooling. Therefore, Mariatu wonders around the compounds until her mother returns late in the evening. We want to keep Mariatu safe and send her to school to give her the chance of a better future than the one she’s destined for if things stay the way they are. Thank you Rebecca for committing to sponsoring Mariatu, because of you Mariatu’s is being given hope for a better future 

This is 10 year old Mohamed. He is our 40th child sponsored. His father was a truck driver who was involved in a fatal accident a few months ago. Mohamed’s mother, Mariama has hearing problems and sells groundnuts at the local market to help provide for her 4 children. The death of Mohammed’s father brought his education to an end. He was doing very well in school too, achieving high results but him and his family would struggle everyday just to feed themselves. By having a sponsor, Calum from Converge Design, Mohamed will be educated and the family will also be given a little extra to help put another meal on the table each day, Thank you Calum 

This is 4 year old Isatu, she lives with an old lady who she is named after. This lady’s granddaughter, 15 year old Posseh abandoned Isatu. Her father hasn’t been identified. The whereabouts of the mother is not known. Isatu does not go to school. She has a pot belly stomach because she sometimes picks pieces of food from the ground to eat. Life is very difficult for her and her grandmother. Thank you Isobelle for deciding to sponsor Isatu, because of you she will be cared for, given access to healthcare and able to attend school this year 


12 year old Adama was abandoned by her parents at a young age after they had separated. She was brought up by her grandfather, who passed away when she was young. Her father then brought her up but he also died when Adama was 11 years old. Her mother had remarried and has been trying to provide for Adama and her husband since Adama’s father passed away. She struggles to provide enough food let alone send Adama to school. Adama’s ambition is to be a doctor one day. Thank you Suzanne for sponsoring Adama, she will now be able to go to school because of you 

Francis is 7 years old. His father died six years ago in Kono (East of Sierra Leone). His mother is an amputee, result of the 11 year Civil War that destroyed their country. Both of her hands were amputated by rebels. Francis has been the bread winner for him and his mum who cannot do anything by herself. He picks up scrap metal to sell and try and get money for his mother to buy food. Caritas Freetown has picked up this boy and is now seeking support for him. He is in year 2 at school. Francis is now sponsored. In Memory of Ben Patton 

Samira’s mother had Fistula during Samira’s birth and most people abandoned this young woman at a time she needed them most. In Sierra Leone, an unknown number of young women and girls are suffering from one of the most severe pregnancy related complications known as VVF-Vesico Vaginal Fistula. It is a condition that can easily ruin a woman’s life and can transform even the most beautiful and most admirable woman by all into a septic tank and an outcast. Samira and her mother live in a house with another 10 year old child who helps with domestic work. The house they are living in is very poor.Thank you Loan for choosing to sponsor Samira, because of you this small family will receive help and Samira will go to school when she’s of school age 

Macy is 8 years old and an orphan under Afewy. Macy is from Liberia and was abandoned by her grandfather to Afewy in 2009 when she was only 2 years old. Her Liberian documents are with Afewy who now provide for her. She lives with other children also supported by Afewy. She goes to the  Anerdan School and is doing very well. Macy needs support to continue her education and provide for her day by day needs. Macy is in class 3. Thank you Charlie and Harry, Macy will be able to continue her schooling now she is being sponsored by you 

Ishatu is an orphaned child currently being cared for by Afewy, she lost her father five years ago. Ishatu lives in the home of the Afewy family together with other children supported by them. Ishatu attends  the Anerdan School and is doing very well. She needs support, however, to continue her education and provide for her on a day by day basis. Ishatu is in class 2. Ishatu is now sponsored in memory of Leisa Nichols who passed away on her 44th birthday, March 11th 2015. RIP Leisa, your legacy will live on in Ishatu, because of you Ishatu is now able to continue her schooling 

Johanatu lives in Waterloo in the western rural district, of Freetown. She lost her mother during the Ebola outbreak. Her mother worked in a local health centre as a cleaner where she caught Ebola. Johanatu now lives with her father who is terminally ill. She is supposed to be going to secondary school, but her father cannot provide for her. For now she helps a neighbour sell palm wine to help provide money for food. Johanatu has recently been sick with malaria. Her father was giving her native herbs as medication because he cannot afford hospital bills.
Thank you Shelley and the Opal Relocations Team, because of you Johanatu will be given access to proper healthcare and will now be able to go to school 

Mariama is 4 years old. Her father was member of the Ebola burial team in Waterloo and caught Ebola and died in January 2014. She now lives in the home of the Afewy family and with other orphaned children is supported by them. She attends nursery. Thank you Lesley and Paul for choosing to sponsor Mariama, her schooling will be taken care of because of you

Margret is 7 years of age. When she was 1 year old her mother took her to a neighbour, Adamsay, to care for her while she went to the market to buy soap.  Margret’s mother never returned and she has been cared for by Adamsay ever since. The matter was reported to police, but nothing came out of it. Instead, Adamsay has been asked to continue taking care of her. Unfortunately, Margret has been a burden to Adamsay who struggles to provide for her, she doesn’t receive support and is not skilled enough in her job as a hairdresser to make enough money. Margret was is in class 1 in the primary school but cannot continue for lack of support. Thank you Natalia, Iris (age 8) & Pete Brown. Because of you, Margret will be able to continue going to school 

Hawa is 16years old. She is the mother of the child she is holding. The father of the child was a taxi motorbike rider who caught ebola from one of his passengers, he died three days later in March 2015.  Hawa managed to escape ebola but is forced to beg for food in the neighbourhood to provide for her and her child. She squats with a friend who lives with her parents in a small tiny room made up of mud bricks that leak. Thank you Lauren, because of you, Hawa is going to be able to care for her baby girl 

Fatima is 9 years old and an only child who lost her mother 2 years ago in a gruesome accident. Her father is an unskilled tailor. The two of them live in a makeshift house which they do not own, it is rented. Fatima’s father was forced to sell his sewing machine to help feed him and Fatima and to pay for Fatima’s school fees. He is very keen to get his daughter educated because as he was never given the opportunity due to poverty. Fatima used to get very sad and cried when she saw her friends going to school, so he decided to sell his machine to pay for her to go to school. Thank you Megan from Lume Marketing, because of you, Fatima is able to continue with her schooling 

Alie and Alpha are brothers. Their father was a driver for an Ebola burial team and caught Ebola and died two days later in November 2014. Their mother is terminally ill and unable to care for her four children. The mother and her children were driven from her late husband’s by his relatives who have since occupied his home. These relatives associate Alie and Alpha’s father’s illness with witchcraft and is the reason why they’ve been asked to leave. The boys live with their mother and their 2 younger siblings in a house that leaks. Many stories like this can be found in Sierra Leone where family members of the deceased take the opportunity to marginalise the surviving wife and children. We now have these two boys sponsored, Alie by Liz and Alpha by Frances. Because of them these boys can now continue their schooling ♥♥

Mohamed is 12 years old . He is from Lokomasama, in the Portloko district. He attends school but he also does farm work to support himself and his handicapped father. Two times a week Mohammed does not go to school, but instead he goes to the market and carrie heavy loads for petty traders as a way of assisting his handicapped father and paying schooling for himself. Mohammed sleeps on a bed made up of sticks and a few dried leaves as a form of mattress. He does not even have a lamp to light his room so that he can do his studies. Thank you Harry and Jane, because of you Mohamed will be able to help him and his father and attend school full time 

14 year old Aminata lives in Lokomasama village in the Portloko district in the northern part of Sierra Leone where Ebola caused so many problems. She comes from a very poor rural family where children her age are normally given to early marriage. At 14 years old she is at risk of this happening to her. She lives with her poor old mother who does backyard gardening for a living. She has stopped going to school for close to a year now as the person helping her with fees is proposing marriage to her, he is the chief of the village Aminata lives in. This is the predicament so many young girls find themselves in today in Sierra Leone. She actually does well at school and is already in junior secondary school grade two. Thanks to Niall from Urban Ecosystems, Aminata will now be able to continue her schooling, thanks Niall 

Emmanuella, seen here with her carer, also called Emmanuella, is 1 1/2 years old. She was named after this girl who found her abandoned in the local market. Her carer is a young girl herself who has a passion to take care of her. She is a hair dresser but doesn’t earn much income and struggles to provide for them both. She doesn’t have many hairdressing customers and is often seen walking around the neighbourhood with Emmanuella strapped to her. In Sierra Leone so many young girls get pregnant in difficult circumstances and either abort their pregnancies or abandon their children immediately after delivery for fear of not having the income to take care of a child. Emmanuella seems to be developing very well but she is susceptible to frequent fever attacks. Thank you Excite Media, by sponsoring Emmanuella you are helping us with her care (clothing and nutrition), her healthcare and as soon as she’s old enough, her education and school items 

Umaru is 11 years old. He lost his father when he was a baby. His mother suffered from polio and died in December 2014 after contracting Ebola. Umaru is now under the direct care of the community who are trying to to support him. Caritas Freetown have welcomed him to their Interim Care Centre but only for a brief period of three months. Thank you Isobelle for deciding to sponsor Umaru, because of you he will be cared for and able to attend school this year 

Hannah is 13 years old and sister to Martha. She is the eldest child in her family. Her mother and her youngest sibling both died of Ebola. At the time Hannah also had a very high fever so she was taken to the Ebola Holding Centre at Newton. She was tested and proved negative, however, when this information was given to her relatives, nobody came to pick her up from the centre. She was there for three days. Eventually, she was taken home and cared for by her Aunt (her mother’s younger sister) but she struggles to provide for her. Hannah is in need of educational and home support. Without a sponsor, Hannah won’t be able to continue her schooling. She also often gets sick and is prone to Malaria and Typhoid. We’ve now found a sponsor for Hannah, thank you Isobelle 

Martha is 9 years old and is the younger sister of Hannah. Martha and Hannah’s mother was a single parent who died of Ebola. They are both staying with their Aunt at Grafton. Martha is also in need of Educational and home support. We now have a sponsor for Martha, thank you Tracy 

6 year old Mariama was an Ebola Survivor. Her family home was quarantined for 21 days after the death of her father, an unskilled mason who caught Ebola from a female Ebola survivor. Mariama’s home was closed for many months and was opened recently by the landlord. Mariama lived with her blind grandmother who couldn’t afford to take care of her. She would spend her days playing and didn’t attend school. Mariama also hawked fried cake around the neighborhood to try and make ends meet and support her blind grandmother. Thank you Alison and Emily for sponsoring Mariama. Unfortunately, not long after, Mariama caught a cold and never recovered. R.I.P. little Angel, you will never be forgotten

Bernadette is 5 years old. Her mother, Iye was 16 years old when she became pregnant with Bernadette. Bernadette’s father, also a teenager denied the pregnancy and disappeared and his whereabouts are unknown. Iye was raped and got pregnant for the second time but this time, she died during delivery and now Bernadette is alone with no-one to care for her. She doesn’t go to school and food and clothing are the biggest challenges she faces everyday. It’s wonderful news that we have found a sponsor for Bernadette, thank you Debbie 

Michael is 5 years old. His father earned his living as a motorbike taxi rider but lost his life in a road accident five months ago after being hit by an ambulance which was carrying an ebola victim. Michael is the youngest of four children and his mother, Jatu since her husband’s death has not been able to afford to provide for them. The floods have destroyed everything they owned. Food is a very big problem, as is clothing and shelter. They are currently living at Siaka Stevens Stadium. They have no shelter, no home to go back to. Thank you Jodie for offering to sponsor Michael, this will really help make a difference to him and his family 

These siblings live in the Kroobay slum that was heavily affected by the September 16th flood. Fatmata, the girl in the middle is 16 years old and is now the bread winner for her and her siblings after their father, Thomas who was a brick layer died. Before the flooding, Fatmata sold boiled ground nuts for a living. None of the children are able to continue their schooling. The risk for Fatmata is that she will probably be forced by circumstances to go out with men, and if this happens, then she is set for early pregnancy and or early marriage. This is the situation so many girls suffer today in Sierra Leone and has led to so many early teenage and under age marriages. Thanks to Niall from Urban Ecosystems, Fatmata will now have help providing for her and her siblings, thanks Niall 

Esther is 9 years old and during the Sensitization Program organized by Caritas Freetown, with the village youths, her situation was brought to our attention. James, a social worker and one of our board members was in charge of Esther’s case. Esther’s parents both died of Ebola. She also has a baby brother, Almamey. They are both living with their Grandmother in a village near Newton. Thank you Kirstin for sponsoring Esther who will now be going to school because of you 

Hawa is 14 years old, she lost her mother when she was very young. She was being taken care of by her father until he died of Ebola. She was taken to the area chief at Newton and was given to one of the friends of her mother with whom she is presently staying but this friend cannot afford to support Hawa in completing her education. Because of her sponsor, Hawa will now be able to finish her schooling. Thank you Trish

Grace’s father died before Ebola struck and later her mother lost her life to Ebola. She currently lives with her old grandmother in very poor conditions in a thatch-roofed house in a remote part of the country. Their conditions are worsened during the rainy season. Unfortunately, because Grace’s grandmother cannot afford it, Grace currently is not able to attend school. Grace is very intelligent and when her parents were alive, she lived in the city and was able to go to school. If given the opportunity she would love to be able to go back to school. Because Alison and Emily are now sponsoring Grace, she will be able to 

Gadiru is 10 years old and one of the surviving children from parents who died from Ebola. He is presently in interim Care and is in year 3 at school. The Ministry of Health have informed us that Gadiru was the only survivor from his home of 15 people, 14 people died. Thank you to the staff at Excite Media who are sponsoring Gadiru, because of them Gadiru can continue his education 

This is Mariama, she is 9 years old and mentally handicapped. She attends the Anerdan Preparatory and Primary School run by AFEWY (The Anerdan Foundation for the Empowerment of Women and Youth founded by our very own Michael Bangura). Her parents are both blind and find it difficult to provide for Mariama’s educational needs. She likes to play with friends but sometimes isolates her self from others. At the moment her school fees are being paid for by AFEWY. It’s great that we now have a sponsor for Mariama. Thank you Jessica

Rosaline  and Simeon are brother and sister of the same mother and father. They were recently brought from Bo where their mother, a nurse, died of Ebola at the Bo government hospital last September when Ebola was at its highest in Sierra Leone. They were staying with their father, a policeman, who got killed in a road accident two months ago. They were brought into Calaba Town, Freetown by their grandmother who owns the land where they live in a make shift building. Since the death of their father, Rosaline and Simeon have stopped going to school and their life has not been the same. Their grandmother in her late sixties sells smoked fish in the local market and uses the proceeds to help feed these two and one other grandchild under her care. They are receiving no other help so schooling is not an option at this time unless we can find someone who would like to sponsor them. They follow their grandmother everyday to the market and spend the whole day just playing. Thank you Vicki for choosing to sponsor Rosaline and Simeon. There lives will be changed because of you

13 year old Salome was rescued by her uncle after her father insisted in marrying her to one of the section chiefs in their village. ” I would have been a mother by now had it not been for the intervention of my uncle” Salome said. She is currently preparing for exams that will get her into secondary school. She likes cooking and playing  with little children. She does well at school but won’t go to secondary school for probably another 4 years (age 17). She never went to school in her village as it was expected she would be married as were the wishes of her late father. Today she is happy and because of Kylie she is able to continue her schooling, receive medication when she needs it and financial assistance to give her a hope for a good future. 

Abdul and Habib (left) are brothers who lost both parents to Ebola. They presently live with an uncle who breaks stones for a living. We recently gave them food and clothing they desperately needed. Because of Tony, Abdul and Habib now have a sponsor, thank you Tony 

Aminata is 6 years old. Her father (who had both hands amputated during the civil war) died after being hit by a motorbike when Aminata was 3 years old. Her mother contracted EBOLA and was taken to  Hastens Treatment Centre where she died on 29th December 2014. Aminata is currently staying with her grandmother. She also has two brothers. Thank you Megan from Lume Marketing, because of you Aminata is now sponsored 

Fatu is 8 years old and had no one to take care of her after her mother died from Ebola last July. Her father died when Fatu was very young. She is currently cared for by Sallay and the Newton child protection program.Having a sponsor means Fatu can continue with her education. Thank you Isobelle 

Abu is 10 years old and from a small village in the Western Rural District call Tombo. Abu contracted the EBOLA virus after both of his parents got infected with the virus, they both died. Abu was sole survivor. He is currently staying at the interim home in Newton. Despite everything, Abu is doing very well. Abu is a very bright and hard working boy but he needs help with paying for his education ongoing. He is in class four. Thank you Megan from the Healey International Relief Foundation, because of you Abu will be cared for and he will be able to continue his schooling 

Haja is 8 years old. Her mother died giving birth to her and Haja’s father, a farmer, died a few years later after a tree fell on him. Haja’s Aunt took her to Freetown with her but finds it difficult to provide for her own children let alone Haja. She has tried to send Haja to school but cannot always afford for her to go. Haja likes dancing, and dances very well, she came first during the last year Christmas party dancing competition. Thank you Janet for making the decision to sponsor Haja. Because of you Haja will be cared for and able to continue her schooling 

10 year old Mariatu is always withdrawn. She remembers the scenes of the burial team that took her father away. He died of Ebola in August 2014. Thank you Isobelle, because of you Mariatu will be able to go to school and will be cared for 

Edward and Mustapha are twins and are being looked after by a carer, Aminata. Aminata also cares for another little boy who is younger than Edward and Mustapha. They live in a tiny makeshift tin-roofed house close to the primary school the boys go to. We are very happy to announce that Mustapha and Edward have been sponsored and were our first two children to receive a sponsor. Thank you John 

This is Kadiatu, seen here with her older sister, Zainab. Kadiatu is 14 years old. Zainab, a 25 year old petty trader is her carer. Kadiatu was previously living in Bo with her Father and Step Mother and was going to school until she received a call that changed her life. Her mother, who was living in Freetown, had contracted Ebola. Kadiatu boarded a vehicle to visit her mother in Freetown but on the way she got caught up in a fatal road accident which resulted in her being taken to an Emergency Hospital where, because of the severity of the accident, she had to have her arm amputated above her elbow. In the meantime Kadiatu’s mother had passed away so she never got to see her before she died. This all happened in November, 2014.
Kadiatu hasn’t attended school since the accident and her mother’s death. Her father who is an old man is not working presently and Kadiatu’s sister, Zainab, doesn’t earn enough so Kadiatu has no one to help her complete her schooling. Without her being able to complete her schooling, her future does not look very bright. We are happy to have now received a sponsor for Kadiatu 

Ibrahim Aruna’s mother died in the floods that took place recently in Freetown. He is Presently staying with one of our team members until we can find an alternative arrangement. Thank you Megan Winter from Lume Marketing, you are now helping Ibrahim’s carer with his upkeep and schooling 

Hawa is an 11 year old EBOLA Survivor from Sima Town west of Freetown. She lost her mother and her elder sister from EBOLA. She is currently staying with her Aunt Isatu who is a petty trader. After school, Hawa will go straight to the market to help her Aunt sell and get some money and then she goes home to cook. She attends school and is in class 3. Hawa needs assistance to allow her to continue her education. Thank you Courtney for sponsoring Hawa, because of you Hawa will be able to continue her schooling 

Yusifu is 11 years old and was found in the Newton community. His parents died from Ebola and he has been living with a neighbor who breaks stones for a living. Yusifu likes to play football but shows signs of withdrawal from his friends since the death of his parents. Sometimes he sits and cries alone remembering the little gifts his father used to buy for him. He is attached to a small football which his mum bought him three weeks before she died. He is currently staying at the Interim Care Centre run by Caritas Freetown where he will stay for 3 months. A future is currently being worked out for him. Thankfully, we now have a sponsor for Yusifu. Thank you Isobelle 

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